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We Teach, Train, Mentor, and Coach others in Personal Growth and Leadership Development.

Relational Leader Certification Program

Become a leader in your job and in your life.


GraceLyn Group

GraceLyn Group is a nonprofit dedicated to transforming people into their authentic selves. We own and operate multiple model group homes in Dakota County, MN, and provide training solutions to social services across the nation.

We provide residential support services to people with intellectual disabilities, autism, and mental illness. We also hire, train and teach staff who support the residents living in one of our residential homes. We add value to both the people we serve and the those who support the people we serve through paid personal growth and leadership training, mentoring and coaching.

Lastly, we teach and train others working for other companies our model program of personal growth and leadership development.


Employment Opportunities

This job is for you if you are passionate about growing into leadership by serving others. You’ll be invited for an interview if you meet our minimum qualifications. For more information email us, or to start the process click the button below.


Our Service Model

The centerpiece of GraceLyn Group’s training model is the Relational Leader certification program. Designed in collaboration with the Minnesota Leadership Center, this program encompasses 360 degrees of leadership, relationship, communication, ethics, and teamwork.

This model works to transform companies from the inside out, supporting people with classroom training, mentoring from company leadership, professional coaching, and peer to peer support.

 Though the certification process takes about 12 months, the support continues past certification to keep staff thriving at the top of their game for the entire tenure of their employment.

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