Why This Model?


Our Proven Model


Everyone at GraceLyn Group receives mentoring from top leadership in the company. These 1:1 sessions boost staff confidence that they’re focused on core objectives and on-track to grow into future company leaders.


GraceLyn Group’s masterclasses help staff build awareness and construct the fundamentals of relational leadership. Though embedded as part of the Relational Leader certification, enrollment in masterclasses continues far into each person’s employment to keep supporting and encouraging their personal growth.


Many people who are not executives rarely get to experience 1:1 professional coaching. At GraceLyn Group, all certified Relational Leaders do. Having a coach on your side is like having a thinking partner, accountability check, cheerleader, and neutral feedback provider all wrapped into one. Because a coach is uniquely focused on the person in front of them, and independent of the company, coaches act as a neutral person-centered sounding board to support, check, and adjust each staff’s personal growth.

Leadership Structure

GraceLyn Group’s top leaders are all certified members of the John Maxwell Team, and certified Relational Leaders. Unlike more traditional organizational models, we place less emphasis on hierarchy and more on raising up everyone in the company to be leaders.

This means that many duties typically assigned to managers or supervisors are distributed to staff who have said “yes” to the journey of personal growth and leadership. We believe that anyone can lead. From any position. Our structure reflects the philosophy that if you are committed to leadership, opportunities await.

Certification Process

The centerpiece of GraceLyn Group’s training model is the Relational Leader certification program. Designed in collaboration with the Minnesota Leadership Center, this program encompasses 360 degrees of leadership, relationship, communication, ethics, and teamwork.

This model works to transform companies from the inside out, supporting people with classroom training, mentoring from company leadership, professional coaching, and peer to peer support.

 Though the certification process takes about 12 months, the support continues past certification to keep staff thriving at the top of their game for the entire tenure of their employment.

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Why This Model?

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