What’s The Difference?


Why We’re Different

We’ve embarked on a journey to bring relational leadership principles across the nation. Not because we think we’re better. Not because we think we’re special. It’s not about us at all.

This journey is about creating more authenticity in people by raising their ability to influence, lead, and instill value in others.

Simply put: value people, add value to people, and create people of value.


John Maxwell Curriculum

All of our top leadership have been personally trained and certified by Dr. John Maxwell. Dr. Maxwell is recognized as the world’s top leadership guru. His team of certified trainers, speakers, and coaches has a presence across the globe.

His curriculum and principles of leadership form the foundation of our leadership model and are present in every aspect of GraceLyn Group.
Everyone on our team experiences immersion in these top leadership principles and practices. Their training is led by both our internal members of the John Maxwell Team, and external facilitators with a passion and expertise for what we do.


Core Values

At GraceLyn Group, we value:


You cannot help others learn themselves until you know who you are. When you are comfortable in your own skin and show your true colors, then (and only then) you can be a role model for others.


Being able to put your own judgements and agenda aside is key to being able to flow with the process.  Growth only happens when resistance to change is removed.


Change is inevitable, Growth is optional.  Being committed to growing means being committed to addressing each mistake and failure, learning from them so they do not repeat themselves.

Loving Relationships

We believe Love is an action word.  People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.  Forming relationships that fully value the other person are the groundwork for successful change.


Our Mission

Everything GraceLyn Group is aimed at its core purpose: to transform people into their authentic selves. That’s why you see such care given to living out our model, investing in our staff, and taking time to enrich all people we serve.

What's The Difference?

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