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Shaunte Harvey

Shaunte Harvey

Gracelyn is a place where I have a platform to really make a difference and be a person of positive change and influence. I would not have this platform had I not been given the opportunity to grow, learn, stretch and fail forward without judgement. Before working here, I never had the space to struggle and face some of my most inner demons without feeling like I would not be accepted and supported. I am excited to now be that for other people we serve in all capacities.

Shaunte brings over a decade of experience working with challenged individuals and seeking to understand people to her role at GraceLyn Group.  As a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Trainer, and Speaker, she brings a strong sense of leadership and mentorship to the team. She is dedicated to becoming the best version of herself so she can pay it forward and be infectious with everyone she encounters.

Shaunte loves the outdoors. She is a wife and mother of seven children and young adults.  She loves to sing and dance.  Her goofy sense of humor lights up any group she is part of. She enjoys artistic expression, especially through tattoos and fashion.

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