Meet Lynn Nauth

Lynn Nauth

Lynn Nauth

Lynn wakes up each day excited to learn and grow.  She believes the best way to learn is to teach what you know and to love others, which is exactly what she does in her work at GraceLyn Group. It’s more than just a job.  It’s who she is.

Lynn brings over four decades of experience supporting challenged individuals.  She also brings 15 years of experience and knowledge in ways to train, mentor and coach others in creating a life that is authentic.  Her lifelong commitment to growth shows in multiple certifications as a coach, trainer, and speaker.  As GraceLyn Group’s founder, she brings her commitment and experience to bear in creating a vision of a world where everyone is living out the fullest and most authentic lives possible.

I think I make the most impact in others by believing in them and in their dreams. Lynn is inspired by nature and how everything connects in the world.  She draws inspiration and energy from walking in the woods and sitting quietly by a lake or river to reflect on life. Physical activity energizes Lynn.  She loves to play sports, ride bicycle, chop wood and lift weights.

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