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Alex Johnson

Alex Johnson

Alex has been growing with GraceLyn Group for over 6 years. His journey began in a direct support position with the residents.  GraceLyn’s focus on personal growth and development is one of the key reasons Alex has chosen to stay with GraceLyn Group for so long.  He now serves as one of the company’s top leaders, having learned everything about leadership from the ground up.

Alex aims to bring tolerance and understanding to everything he does, including the culture at GraceLyn Group. He is strongly committed to the idea that success takes authenticity, a dedicated effort in believing in and raising others around him, and a commitment to being his best every day.  His certification as a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Trainer, and Speaker shows this commitment, and equips him to develop the team around him to be their best every day as well.

Alex enjoys spending time engaging with science, art, and technology. When asked about why, he says, “It is important for me to always take a step back from the busy world, gaze at the stars and remember what a truly fascinating period of time we have the privilege to be alive in!”

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